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 bullet You Are For Me

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 bullet Light Eternal

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 bullet Where Might We Find You

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Welcome to Jabulani Music

Jabulani Music is the publishing imprint of British-born liturgical composer and recording artist, Tony Barr.

A Biblical Journey In Song

The music you will find on this site will take you on a journey that ranges from the farthest reaches of space and time, to the lonely plains of the American West, to the heavenly echoing spaces of the cathedrals of Great Britain. Tony Barr has lived in all these places, either physically or mentally, during a composing career that has spanned more than 40 years. It is only in recent times that his music has finally become available on recorded media.

Explore Your Scriptural Heritage In Music

On this website you may read about Tony Barr's music, listen to samples, purchase CDs and sheet music for you or your church, and explore the scriptures through the incredible richness and sonic diversity that is the music of Tony Barr.

Thank you for your interest and may the Great Spirit be with you upon your journey through life.